Signature management systems

On-board degaussing

On-board degaussing (OBDG) systems are systems whose architectures can be tailored for specific ship missions, requirements and logistics.

Since 1972, EMS has supplied over 195 shipboard degaussing systems to the US Navy and to friendly foreign navies across the globe. That's more systems and more experience than any other supplier in the world.

In 1979 EMS was awarded its first contract by a foreign customer, the government of the Republic of Korea. Since that time, EMS has been awarded contracts to supply such products to the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, Norway and Egypt.

OBDG systems can be:

  • simple systems that use cost and weight efficiency to meet specific signature requirements for a given vessel
  • advanced degaussing (ADG) systems that minimize ship signatures and provide other signature modification capabilities
  • highly advanced degaussing systems that provide closed-loop (CLDG) feedback control or technologically advanced current and power distribution networks and/or communications and control architectures

OBDG systems, ADG or otherwise, can have their power modules:

EMS offers all of these architecture options and can customize offerings to meet specific requirements for any ship class and offer all of these options as full US MIL-SPEC or NATO compliant.