Engineering services

Ultra Electronics, EMS offers engineering services that encompass all aspects of a complete cradle-to-grave support, engineering, product and systems approach. This covers any and all underwater electromagnetic (UWEM) disciplines, products and analyses for military (onboard ship countermeasures, off-board countermeasures, magnetic treatment, harbour security), research and civil projects.

Countermeasure systems include on-board degaussing (OBDG), advanced degaussing (ADG), advanced impressed current cathodic protection (AICCP), impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP), passive ship grounding (PSG) and active ship grounding (ASG), as well as off-board systems such as magnetic treatment facilities and magnetic ranging facilities.

Countermeasure engineering services provided by EMS include:

  • Computer modelling for analysis of UWEM signatures and threat analyses, prediction and risk management
    • FEM
    • BEM
  • Feasibility studies, requirements specifications, preliminary design and consultancy services for countermeasure systems
  • Contract design, system layout, systems architecture and systems engineering services for on-board and off-board countermeasure systems
  • System installation, set-to-work, light-off, SAT and HAT support/services
  • System calibration services and support
  • Ship magnetic treatment support

Research, civil and military UWEM project services provided by EMS include:

  • Computer modelling (FEM, BEM) for analyses of UWEM
  • Prototyping of new technologies and applications
  • Spiral development of new products
  • Feasibility studies
  • Applied mathematics, specifically for development of control and implementation of applications