Vehicle power and battery monitoring systems

The Ultra Electronics battery monitoring system (BMS) has been specifically designed for use on military vehicles. Based on patented technology that incorporates a real-time complex algorithm, the BMS simultaneously measures conductance, voltage, current, temperature and time to provide a highly reliable and accurate measurement of the state of health of a vehicle's batteries. The BMS provides the vehicle crew with accurate real-time battery health data. Technological advances in electronic equipment installed in modern military vehicles have led to increased demand on the vehicle battery bank. Historically, little or no attention has been paid to the condition of the batteries until a failure occurs.

A sensor unit mounts directly to the lower negative battery terminal. An LED indicator on top of the sensor indicates the state of function. Each sensor outputs data via a control unit onto CAN bus so that information can be displayed either on existing vehicle displays or on a standard battery monitoring display. The display presents critical data such as:

  • Time remaining
  • State of charge
  • State of health

Additionally, the user can view a diagnostics screen to gain access to more detailed battery performance and power generation information.

Conductance based solution:
Conductance measurement has become established in the automotive and standby power industry as the only reliable method for quantifying the heath of a lead acid battery. The BMS combines conductance measurement with voltage, current, temperature and time to provide accurate state of health and state of charge for each battery in the vehicle.

battery monitoring



  • Power consumption monitoring - provides accurate time remaining measurements for silent watch applications
  • Critical power threshold - crew alerts can be developed per customer requirements
  • Reduced life cycle cost - identifies faulty batteries so that only the defective batteries are replaced


  • One sensor per pair of 12V batteries
  • Measures voltage, current, temperature and conductance of each battery
  • Reports
    •  time remaining
    • state of charge
    • state of heal
  • CAN interface − J1939 compatible
  • Scalable system for up to eight battery pairs